Business Consulting – How to Use a Consultant to Facilitate Organizational Goal Setting

Business consulting has found that the Goal-setting Theory is especially useful in predicting associate behavior. In many business situations, associates were sales representatives. The company that you may work for, may as an example, manufacture high-end Italian furniture. The sales reps that reported to you may be all independent contractors who carried multiple non-competing lines.

The theory of goal setting and motivation, it is used by business consultants, asserts that effort is directed toward the attainment of specifically set goals. Goals have two main functions: to provide a source of motivation and to direct behavior. A goal also helps a person determine how much effort to put into his work. The primary goals that our sales force sought to attain were yearly sales goals. However, other more subjective goals were also assigned: such as those based on types of new dealers opened in a year or the level of assistance provided with accounts receivable problems.

According to this theory, the ambition and intention to reach a goal must be tied to the individual’s acceptance of the goal. In fact, you may have worked closely with the sales reps to set their individual targets. You may have wanted them to participate in order to create buy-in and acceptance. If this is so, as a business consultant when instruct you, you may entirely agree with the statement about the necessity of creating and instituting achievable goals for your sales reps. If you do not Institute achievable goals, you’ll more than likely see the goals rejected because they our viewed as too difficult, or because you are not clear enough in explaining what behaviors are expected.

In business consulting, assisting with instituting proper goal setting is one of the top areas consultants are hired for. Consultants can come in to an organization and assist with facilitating change, but if the employees in the organization are hesitant to change, proper goal setting and achievement will be tough.

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